History of the Austin Ball’rz

Formation & Rebranding

In the spring of 2013, the Austin Ball’rz began their journey as the Austin Aardvarks in the Softball Austin league. However, in 2014, they underwent a rebranding process and emerged as the Austin Ball’rz, setting the stage for their growth and development in the years to come.

Rating Changes & Growth

Adapting to the changing landscape, the Austin Ball’rz embraced the introduction of a new skills rating system by NAGAAA and Softball Austin in the Spring of 2019. This prompted the creation of a second team to accommodate the varying skill levels of players. They established both a D division team and a pioneering E division team, becoming the first and only team in Softball Austin to compete in the E division.

World Series Achievements

The year 2019 marked significant achievements for the Austin Ball’rz. During the spring season, both teams, the D’Ball’rz and EZ Ball’rz, earned bids to the highly esteemed NAGAAA World Series held in Kansas City, Missouri. The EZ Ball’rz E team made an impressive mark, securing a commendable 4th place finish at the World Series, bringing home a trophy and individual medals. Meanwhile, the D’Ball’rz dominated their division, clinching the top spot in the league during the fall season.

In the spring of 2020, the team welcomed the Blue Ball’rz, a second E division team. Unfortunately, their season was abruptly interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, with the announcement that the annual Houston tournament had been canceled while many were en route from Austin. 

During the pandemic, the team maintained their bond through monthly video happy hours, keeping the spirit alive. With the delayed start of the spring 2021 season, the EZ Ball’rz and D’Ball’rz teams eagerly returned to the field, continuing their softball journey.

In Fall 2021, the EZ Ball’rz secured another bid to the NAGAAA World Series held in Columbus, Ohio. Competing in an increasingly competitive E division, they showcased their skills and determination, finishing an impressive 13th out of 30 teams.

In 2022, the Austin Ball’rz consolidated their teams as the EZ Ball’rz in the E division. Their unity and hard work paid off as they won their division and earned a coveted spot in the World Series held in Dallas, Texas. Once again, they faced intense competition and proudly finished 13th out of 33 teams, demonstrating their resilience and talent.

Journey to 2023 GSWS

As the team embarks on the 2023 season, they are focused on securing their fourth consecutive NAGAAA World Series bid. With unwavering determination and strong camaraderie, the Austin Ball’rz are heading to Minneapolis, Minnesota, in August 2023. They are fueled by the ambition to bring home the championship title and further solidify their legacy in the softball world.

Throughout its history, the Austin Ball’rz have consistently demonstrated their commitment to excellence, growth, and inclusivity. Each year, they leave a lasting impression on the softball community, making their mark as a team to be reckoned with.

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