LGBTQ & Other Softball Cheers

Cheers are more than just noise; they’re the heartbeat of any sports team. They rally us, they energize us, and they bring us together as a community. For the Austin Ball’rz, our LGBTQ softball team, cheers are a way to express our unique identity while we dominate the field. 

Categories of Cheers

We’ve divided our list into four categories to make it easy for you to find the perfect cheer for the perfect moment:

  1. General Cheers: For all game situations.
  2. Defensive Cheers: When we’re out in the field.
  3. Offensive Cheers: When we’re up to bat.
  4. LGBTQ-Specific Cheers: Cheers that celebrate our community.

General Cheers

“Let’s Go Ball’rz, Let’s Go!”

  • When to Use: Anytime to keep the energy up.
  • How Many People: The more, the merrier.

“We Are, Ball’rz!”

  • When to Use: To respond to the opposing team’s cheers.
  • How Many People: Whole team.

Defensive Cheers

“Strike ‘Em Out, Take ‘Em Down!”

  • When to Use: When our pitcher is about to throw a strike.
  • How Many People: At least half the team for maximum impact.

“No Runs, No Glory!”

  • When to Use: When the opposing team is up to bat.
  • How Many People: All fielders.

Offensive Cheers

“Swing for the Fences!”

  • When to Use: When one of our power hitters is up.
  • How Many People: Everyone in the dugout.

“Run, Run, Run Like the Wind!”

  • When to Use: When a team member is stealing a base.
  • How Many People: As many as possible.

LGBTQ-Specific Cheers

“Rainbows and Strikes, That’s How We Like!”

  • When to Use: Anytime to celebrate our LGBTQ identity.
  • How Many People: Everyone!

“Pride in the Game!”

  • When to Use: When we make a play that’s worth celebrating.
  • How Many People: All fans and team members.

Cheers are the soundtrack of our games. They bring us together, lift our spirits, and make the game fun. So the next time you’re at a Ball’rz game, don’t hold backā€”let’s make some noise!

Got a cheer that should be on this list? We’d love to hear it! Drop your suggestions in the comments below or share them with us on social media using the hashtag #AustinBallrz